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VPX C-Frame Development System

VPX-C-FRAME Development Platform8U/11U, 6 slot, 64 HP Wide

VITA 46.11 Compliant System Manager



• Accommodate up to 6 front and rear boards with max 1.4” pitch
• Modular construction accommodates 3U and 6U VPX form factors
• 2 product lines that support 3U and 6U VPX cards

• Equipped with break-through 100Gbps Air-/-Plane
• Conduction and Convection slot Cooling Options
• Push Pull cooling with 2 lower and 2 upper fans
• 2x 6U and 2x 3U power supply options
• 2x 6U and 2x 3U power supply options
• Integrated AC power supply: 900W (1150W optional)
• VPX Backplane can be tailored to your needs
• Comprehensive stand-alone monitoring solution:
• Voltage sensors
• Current sensors
• Fan tachometer sensors
• Graphical display to show sensor data in real time
• Fan speed manually controllable from the front panel
• VPX ready Chassis Manager based on Pigeon Point Systems SHMM700 module (optional)
• Chassis Manager pluggable from the rear, 3U VPX form factor
• Chassis Manager can be used in a regular 3U VPX slot
• Shelf Manager High Reliability Bussed IPMB shared among all slots
• AC On/Off switch at the back to de-energize the entire chassis
• DC On/Off switch at the front to disable VPX slots’ power
• Side handles for carrying


• 3U side walls
• 6U side walls
• 900W or 1150W PSU
• VPX Chassis Manager (ChMC)


• Extremely flexible to configure
• Allows for fitting any type of customized VPX backplane
• Options to configure DC voltage rails to meet VPX card specifications


• Height : 488mm/354.6mm (8U/11U)
• Width : 325mm (with ears 484.0mm)
• Depth : 390mm
• Weight : 14 kg
• Color: Black (powder)


• ANSI/VITA 46.0 VPX Baseline Standard
• ANSI/VITA 46.x VPX Subsidiary Standards
• ANSI/VITA 46.11 VPX: System Management
• ANSI/VITA 65 Open VPX Standard
• ANSI/VITA 66.x VPX Optical Interconnect Standard
• ANSI/VITA 67.0x VPX Coaxial Interconnect Standard

Fan Tray:

• 2 fans under the card cage and 2 fans above the card cage, push-pull cooling
• Tachometer sensors are monitored and displayed
• Fan speed can be manually set up with push buttons on the front panel
• Powerful fans, each 165 CFM

Card Cage:

• Convection cooled card guides
• Optionally Conducted cooled card guides
• Slot pitch supports 0.8”, 1”, and 1.4

Power Supply:

• For 3U System 2 options are available:
• 12V@1A Standby, 3.3V@40A, 5V@40A, 12V@37A
• 3.3V@40A, 5V@59A, 12V@40A
• For 6U System 2 options are available:
• 12V@1A Standby, 12V@20A, 5V@40A, 12V@37A
• 12V@18A, 5V@59A, 12V@40A
• In addition, an independent PSU serves the 3.3V@6A AUX rail
• Additional power rail: -12V@2A is generated from +12V

Chassis Management:

• Stand-alone management module to read and display sensors:
• Current and Voltage sensors on +12V, +5V, and +3.3V
• Independ tachometer sensors for each fan
• Independ PWM output for each fan
• Chassis Front Panel Push Buttons:
• Increase Fan Speed
• Decrease Fan Speed
• Display Control
• Chassis Front Panel Status LEDs:
• Error
• STBY Power
• Local Power
• Optionally VITA 46.11 VPX Chassis Manager (ChMC)
• ChMC Carrier board based on Pigeon Point Systems Shmm700 module
• ChMC Front panel interfaces:
• RS-232
• Ethernet Front panel indication
• SHMM700 Status LEDs
• IPMB Configuration: Bussed
• Chassis sensor are accessible via ChMC


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