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VXS 8 Slot Backplane

VXS 8 Slot BackplaneThe Comtel VXS Backplane 8 slot match performance and cost-effectiveness by realising a fully optimised signal and power distribution environment. Design techniques ensure uniform impedance controlled signaling environment and ground guarding minimises line-to-line crosstalk
The VXS provides the high-speed switched serial performance of VITA 41, hybrid design includes VXS payload slots, VXS switch slots and conventional VME64x slots, The 8 slot VXS backplanes supports data rates well beyond 3.125Gb/s per link. As a dual-star design, it can be operated with one or two switch boards, allowing addressing of both link ports on payload cards.


• Hybrid VME64x and VXS Backplane
• Standard versions 8 slots
• 8-slot version features two VITA 41.x switches slot and up to 6 VITA 41.x payload slots; each payload slot connects both links to the two switch slot
• High performance, low noise
• Electronic Bus Grant (EBG)
• Compliant to the latest VITA Standards


• Custom configurations 2-21 slots

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