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5 Slot VXI Backplane C-Size

High-Performance 5 Slot C Size VXI Monolithic Backplane with High Current Din Conncectors


• 5 slots, Size C
• SMD Technology for excellent signal integrity
• Press-fit assembly adds reliability and performance
• On-board termination without extra width
• Active/passive automatic daisy-chain or jumper pin manual daisy-chain
• 8 layer stripline controlled impedance construction
• Passive 330Ohm/470Ohm termination or Low-current active termination
• High current power entry taps positioned near corresponding connector pins for minimum current paths
• Additional user defined bus lines per custom requirements
• Optional decoupling capacitor positions
• +V and -V auxiliary (i.e. 48V) power rails
• Low noise design is stripline with outer ground planes
• 96 pin, 3 row DIN 41612 connectors J1/J2
• High frequency decoupling at each slot
• Distributed bulk low frequency decoupling
• Flexible power connections require no bus-bars
• Interleaved grounds for I/O header grounding

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