5 Slot 6U OpenVPX Backplane

VPX Backplane VITA 46.0

VPX technology enables nearly unlimited flexibility when it comes to interconnections between the slots.

OpenVPX (ANSI/VITA 65 Standard) addresses this by specifying a set of
standard profiles of interconnections. Comtel Backplanes are equipped with Air-/-Plane technology. It extends the life of the existing VPX connector system (MultiGig  RT2) and enables unprecedented signal integrity performance which complies with IEEE 802.3bj 100Gb/s standard (4 Ethernet channels via fat pipe).


  • 5 slot 6U VPX Backplane
  • 1.4” slot pitch
  • BKP6-DIS05-11.2.16-n OpenVPX Profile
    • Data Plane (Fat Pipe)
    • Management Plane (IPMB)
    • Utility Plane includes power
  • Supporting both front and RTM cards
  • 100G Air-/-Plane performance, compliant with IEEE 802.3bj 100Gb/s specification
  • Compatible with C-Frame VPX Development Chassis
  • Compliant with ANSI/VITA46.0 Baseline Standard, ANSI/VITA46.x Subsidiary Standards, and ANSI/VITA65 Standard

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