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VPX Backplane VITA 46.0The VPX (VITA 46) standard establishes a new direction for the next revolution in bus boards. It is a proposed ANSI standard which breaks out from the traditional connector scheme of VMEbus to merge the latest in connector and packaging technology with the latest in bus and serial fabric technology. VPX combines best-in-class technologies to assure a very long technology cycle similar to that of the original VMEbus solutions. Traditional parallel VMEbus will continue to be supported by VPX through bridging schemes that assure a solid migration pathway. VPX has been designed with the defense/aerospace community in mind, computing vendors and major defense/aerospace systems integration companies working together. Comtel’s expertise in Backplane technology and its resources in the latest, sophisticated design tools have been applied to produce a unique VPX Backplanes. The Comtel VPX Backplanes match performance and cost-effectiveness by realising a fully optimised signal and power distribution environment. Design techniques ensure uniform impedance controlled signaling environment and ground guarding minimises line-to-line crosstalk


• 18 slot VPX Backplane and 4 PW slots
• Fits within standard 6U Eurocard
• High performance, low noise
• Electronic Bus Grant (EBG)
• Compliant to the latest VITA Standards


• Custom configurations are welcome

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